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Lalos is committed to share a family tradition, to enrich, to add flavor, and to bring people together through the foods they eat. Using only fresh and natural ingredients of the best quality, we ensure excellence in all our products. We are proud of our heritage and hope to bring it into your home.

The story


In 1999, I moved with my family from Venezuela to Smyrna Georgia, where we opened a family restaurant. We had Alameda Restaurant for 16 years. In a time when our cuisine was not known, it was well received and appreciated by our patrons. Over time, people began to ask for something spicy; so I recreated my mother-in-law’s "MaIsabel" hot sauce, a recipe that has been in her family for about 90 years.

The sauce became an instant hit and a staple in our restaurant; people would actually walk away if we did not have any. Everybody LOVED it; thus began an exciting and essential part of our experience. For many years, my customers begged for me to sell it to them. I have long tried to achieve this. It has taken me much time to bring it to you, because I did not want to lose the integrity of the sauce by commercializing it, and without first perfecting It, while maintaining its ALL NATURAL ingredients.

This is the time to bring my products into your home… It makes me so proud to share something that has such “sabor fantastico”.  I want to share the happiness I feel when I am making it; share its beautiful colors, its smooth and creamy texture, and its incredible flavor. What makes these sauces so successful is that it adds both heat and FLAVOR to your food.

The flavor of these sauces will change your mind about hot sauces.

I thank my supportive family, my friends and my dear customers who motivated me to act this dream.

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